Do not be original, be unique.

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My creativity is rooted in my passion for nature and it stimulated my desire to create a modern and innovative furniture line. The variety of texture of the materials I use inspires me to design and create unique pieces and each piece is influenced by the themes of water, air, fire and earth.
Sometimes an old piece of furniture can be recovered, re-designed and re-worked to reveal a new persona. Other times nature inspires me to create entirely new pieces.
My love of nature, my feel for the sensuality of the materials I use and my desire to share this with others is brought together in my work. Thanks to this alchemy, I feel truly connected with the wonders of life around me and its continual re-birth.

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Who am I ?

Soon after I was born in Munich, the 26 April 1967 my father’s work took us to Geneva. International, cosmopolitan and surrounded by amazing countryside, Geneva was a wonderful place to grow up and ideal for developing a sociable, curious and open mind-set. My adolescence was spent surrounded by beautiful gardens and exotic animals, nurturing my creativity.
After first training as a mechanic, my love of the medium of wood led me to take a diploma in carpentry. As my mastery of my chosen profession evolved, so did my need to express my own ideas, which led in turn to the creation of my own furniture line.

What I propose to you...


Walnut bar

This 8,2 meters long Walnut bar, ordered by a brewery artisan on the Geneva border, includes removable illuminated modules that can be filled according to the theme.

Walnut bar

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To respect the environment

The environment chart intends to demonstrate while protecting my environment, y participate of nature respect and offer to my customers and suppliers to be attentive to it.
By adopting this Chart, I pledge to act in accordance to the provisions contained therein and to change regularly with new initiatives.


The water used for the tests comes mainly from a rainwater collector which was installed nearby.


Most materials used for prototyping purposes are from recovery.
Only wood wearing the FSC label (ecological standard) is used.


All waste is sorted, recycled or reused, at all levels of production.
The use of rechargeable batteries have replaced batteries for all electronic equipment.

A particular attention is paid to the choice of products and their environmental impact..

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